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Rohre Dress


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Great news: when you're packing for a fun weekend away, you'll only need to bring this one dress. The Rohre Dress is as versatile as you are. Rock it everywhere. From work to your playground--be it the park, a mountain, a city sidewalk, the ocean, or anywhere in between, the Rohre Dress is ready to be right there with you. Oh, and it even has pockets!

Made with:
94% Nomo Clean Bamboo Lyocell
6% Elastane

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Very pretty dress, runs kind of small

3/8/12   |   Review by: Stacey

I own the purple with turquoise band & I got to admit, this dress is super cute and the pockets are an automatic win. However, the cut is tailored to ladies with smaller bums; of whom I am not- make sure you go a size up so that it fits ya. As always, the bamboo fabric is super soft- perfect for the transition seasons, but now that I have worn all of the dresses in the summer, it can get toasty. Upon multiple washings, the fabric can look aged. I wonder if there is a specific detergent for that, because I would buy it. Even so, I will keep getting whatever 5 Bam puts out though; I am excited to see what's up next & being as objectively honest as I can be with my reviews!



11/28/11   |   Review by: Fi

This dress is stylish, practical (doesn't crush when travelling, has pockets) and flattering for those with curves. What more could you ask for?! I've worn mine with flats, boots and heels depending on the occasion and it looked great with all of them.


who would not want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/18/11   |   Review by: madhavi

The pleats and the pockets make it uber chic.


Perfect for Work THEN Play!

6/30/11   |   Review by: Jenny

Love this dress. Perfect for a long day at work and then a FUN night out! Pockets are the best!


Love the color choices!

6/29/11   |   Review by: Rebecca

I especially love the teal and black...great way to stand out!


I want this...

6/29/11   |   Review by: Catarina

Love the black/fog. I want the black/fog!
It is very sexy and must look good on a Portuguese woman! :)


Great Dress!!

5/28/11   |   Review by: Megan

This dress is great for work and play. I love its versatility in that it is so simple to dress up but it looks amazing on its own. And of course the pockets are a major plus!



3/21/11   |   Review by: Christina

Like the description says, this dress looks like it is so versatile. I would love to add it to my spring wardrobe. The Midnight Blue/Applewax color is so beautiful. I'm a business student that is always running around between presentations and interviews then hanging out with my friends. I would absolutely wear this dress everyday if I could! =)


fun & versatile!

2/4/11   |   Review by: Patty

The first day I wore this dress, I went from a day at the art museum to chasing the dog around the house to a nice dinner with the parents. This is a dress that matches my lifestyle - amazingly versatile, and it goes great with a pair of tights and boots or just flats. I can't wait to see how the dress will handle the summer weather, and I'm looking forward to taking it with me once I get back to traveling!

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Five Bamboo Sizing Chart

Women's (Inches)

Bust 32-33 34-35 36-37 38-39 40-41
Waist 24 25-27 28-30 31-32 33-34
Hips 34-35 36-37 38-39 40-41 41-42

Rohre Dress Features

  • Form fitting
  • Pleating in front
  • Pockets
  • Length of M: 37 inches

Treat your Five Bamboo gear right and it won't give up on you in your time of greatest need!

  • Wash on cold.
  • Hang dry. Seriously. Why? It's better for the environment, and the fabric will last much longer.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Support local dance parties.
  • Get outdoors.
Our environmental commitment travels along our supply chain. This is why we choose to make our clothing from Nomo™ Clean Bamboo fiber, a regenerated cellulose fiber known as bamboo lyocell. Bamboo is a fabulous raw material for textile production because it requires so few inputs. It grows quickly without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or water irrigation. Unfortunately, the majority of the bamboo apparel currently available on the market today is produced via the viscose process, which is chemically-intensive and produces harmful byproducts. However, we make our fiber using the closed-loop lyocell process, a clean process in which no harmful chemicals are used, no harmful gases are released, and virtually no waste is created. In addition to being comfortable, durable, and breathable, our products are made in an environmentally responsible way. Pretty cool, huh? To learn more check out the bamboo fabric section of our website. If you have any questions, drop us a line at