Laika Tank


Laika Tank


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Class it up in the Laika Tank. This top was made for looking sharp and feeling good. A full coverage back and graceful cowl make this puppy work appropriate, but the slim fit means you can still turn some heads. Note: this garment does fit fairly tight so we recommend you size up.

Made with:
94% Nomo Clean Bamboo Lyocell
6% Elastane

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Treat your Five Bamboo gear right and it won't give up on you in your time of greatest need!

  • Wash on cold.
  • Hang dry. Seriously. Why? It's better for the environment, and the fabric will last much longer.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Support local dance parties.
  • Get outdoors.
Our environmental commitment travels along our supply chain. This is why we choose to make our clothing from Nomo™ Clean Bamboo fiber, a regenerated cellulose fiber known as bamboo lyocell. Bamboo is a fabulous raw material for textile production because it requires so few inputs. It grows quickly without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or water irrigation. Unfortunately, the majority of the bamboo apparel currently available on the market today is produced via the viscose process, which is chemically-intensive and produces harmful byproducts. However, we make our fiber using the closed-loop lyocell process, a clean process in which no harmful chemicals are used, no harmful gases are released, and virtually no waste is created. In addition to being comfortable, durable, and breathable, our products are made in an environmentally responsible way. Pretty cool, huh? To learn more check out the bamboo fabric section of our website. If you have any questions, drop us a line at