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Travel Skirt


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When you need a comfortable skirt that can take just about any impact, pull out our travel skirt. It will keep you company on long bus rides through foreign countrysides, walk the beach with you as you collect shells, and pack down small into your backpack for every stop in between. From Belize to Malaysia, the Grand Canyon to the Loire valley, our travel skirt has got you covered. A fold-over waistband allows for customized length.
Made from:
94% Nomo Clean Bamboo Lyocell
6% Elastane

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3/8/12   |   Review by: Stacey

I have 2 of these, one blue & one tan. These skirts are the definition of girly-versatile, as if it needed to be defined. The fold-over waistband is a very nice accent to a basic design that sits & flows very easily over the hips. Did I mention that it was the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn? Yea, that too.


Beautiful and comfortable!

7/29/11   |   Review by: Silvija

I received my skirt yesterday. It is such a beautiful, good quality product! I love it! Wearing it right now :) I am expecting a child and am about 4 months along so my belly is not very big yet but it seems that I can wear it all the way through pregnancy and after that. Just love it!


Love it!

7/6/11   |   Review by: Colleen

I just received my travel skirt in the mail yesterday along with a bambracelet and a personal note. I cannot tell you how nice it was to receive a hand-written thank you for my order. What a pleasant surprise! The skirt is wonderful. It's so soft and comfortable. I can't wait to wear it to our company picnic this weekend.


Still a kid at heart

7/3/11   |   Review by: Bambooette

I recently graduated from college and had to abandon my daily wardrobe of sweatpants and t-shirts. But with my travel skirt, scoop neck tee, and etheb hoodie, I can feel like I'm still in school! They are so comfortable, but can be dressed up for work or down for anything else!


Comfortable, Flattering, & Versatile

6/30/11   |   Review by: Karla

I just got my skirt in the mail and put it on right away - I love it! I've never considered myself a skirt or dress kinda gal because of my proportions (pear-shaped, thick calves), but this skirt is super-flattering. The soft, smooth material is comfortable without being too flimsy. This is definitely a versatile piece - I'm wearing it with a tank top and flip flops, but could easily dress it up. Finally decided on the Midnight Blue, which is a gorgeous color. Wouldn't mind owning one in every color!


Favorite Skirt in my Closet

5/26/11   |   Review by: anne

wonderfully comfortable! Very cute but realistic, every girl needs a skirt they can trek through the woods with!


Feminine without the girly

4/28/11   |   Review by: Anna

I own one dress and a couple skirts that never get worn because they feel too dressy for most days. But this skirt is different! It's comfortable and laid back, especially for less "girly" girls.


As comfortable as sweatpants, but it's a skirt.

2/8/11   |   Review by: Kiki

Super comfortable skirt! I've been wearing it in winter mode with tights and boots, but I can't wait for the summer. I can already tell I'll be wearing it every day. Soft and stretchy.


Comfy and cute

2/6/11   |   Review by: Twelam

This skirt has a great length and stretchiness to wear when biking. I'm undecided on the fold-down waist band but it will come in handy if I want to switch up the length.

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Five Bamboo Sizing Chart

Women's (Inches)

Bust 32-33 34-35 36-37 38-39 40-41
Waist 24 25-27 28-30 31-32 33-34
Hips 34-35 36-37 38-39 40-41 41-42

Travel Skirt Features

  • Wide waistband (fold it over
    or bunch it!)

Treat your Five Bamboo gear right and it won't give up on you in your time of greatest need!

  • Wash on cold.
  • Hang dry. Seriously. Why? It's better for the environment, and the fabric will last much longer.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Support local dance parties.
  • Get outdoors.
Our environmental commitment travels along our supply chain. This is why we choose to make our clothing from Nomo™ Clean Bamboo fiber, a regenerated cellulose fiber known as bamboo lyocell. Bamboo is a fabulous raw material for textile production because it requires so few inputs. It grows quickly without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or water irrigation. Unfortunately, the majority of the bamboo apparel currently available on the market today is produced via the viscose process, which is chemically-intensive and produces harmful byproducts. However, we make our fiber using the closed-loop lyocell process, a clean process in which no harmful chemicals are used, no harmful gases are released, and virtually no waste is created. In addition to being comfortable, durable, and breathable, our products are made in an environmentally responsible way. Pretty cool, huh? To learn more check out the bamboo fabric section of our website. If you have any questions, drop us a line at