See where Five Bamboo has been featured.

  • Bloomberg TV

    Rohre Titcomb, one of our founders, was interviewed by Matt Miller and Carol Massar on the show Street Smart on Bloomberg TV on January 26th! Rohre talked about Five Bamboo’s mission, the bamboo apparel market, and our awesome products. Click to watch Rohre’s interview!

  • Wend Magazine

    “Five Bamboo apparel is noticeably soft, smooth and supple…Simply put, this bamboo textile is 100 percent organic, releases zero harmful greenhouse gases, uses zero chemicals and is 99 percent re-used or recycled. In short, this is what makes Five Bamboo different than other bamboo apparel companies.”

  • ecosalon

    “Those of us in the sustainable fashion business have been waiting years for the bamboo industry to adopt this style of processing…I discovered yet another great example in Five Bamboo, which I recommend you check out for a more comprehensive explanation of the [lyocell] process.”

  • Care2

    “Five Bamboo has business values that could be a model for many companies looking to incorporate sustainable strategies. They have incorporated CSR into their mission, product, service and growth. Its never business as usual for the Titcomb siblings.”

  • Awakened Aesthetic

    “[Five Bamboo has] a line of clothing that is soft, ethical, classic and, most importantly, that moves.”

  • Feel Good Style

    “Bamboo fabric isn’t necessarily eco-friendly. The process can be chemically intensive and has a huge potential to pollute. What makes Five Bamboo‘s fabric special is that it’s lyocell, rather than regular nylon from bamboo. The process for creating lyocell is closed loop, which means that rather than polluting the environment, all of the chemicals involved get recycled back into the process with the next batch. Pretty cool, right?”

  • Tea Talk

    “The crew over at Five Bamboo, an awesome company out of Seattle, WA, was kind enough to send me this amazing vneck t-shirt made out of Nomo Clean Bamboo. When I received this shirt I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was compared to a normal cotton t-shirt. It also has great stretch, and was definitely cozy on a chilly day. I really loved reading the tag that came on the shirt that stated the benefits of clean bamboo. Seriously such a cool fiber to make clothing out of, and it’s environmentally sustainable too!”

  • Skyd Magazine

    “Their experience at Five Ultimate has led the siblings from strictly producing athletic apparel to a new venture; casual apparel. With an understood the environmental impact of cotton production and processing, the five went looking for an alternative. They stumbled upon bamboo, which they tout as a renewable resource with minimal
    impact on the environment.”

  • Young Money

    “It’s not every day you consider where exactly the clothes you’re wearing came from. If you’re looking for clothes to wear that are fashionable and made by a company committed to the environment, look no farther than Five Bamboo.”

  • What Would A Nerd Wear

    “Unlike other bamboo apparel on the market, Five Bamboo produces their textiles without harmful gases, chemicals, and with virtually no waste. Along with being environmentally-sustainable, Five Bamboo is a small, local company and they’ve been genuinely fun and interesting to chat with.”