Five Days of Five Bamboo: My Personal Challenge of Style & Sustainability

I’m Natalie and I’m an eighteen-year-old, S.U.V. driving, franchise-loving, Starbucks addict.  I’m graduating from high school this spring, and as a culminating project I am doing an internship with my cousins the Titcombs at Five Bamboo.  While I’m here, Five Bamboo has inspired me to not only be more fashionable, but also to be more environmentally friendly.

Not that me and the environment aren’t friends, because we are, really.  But friendship is usually a give and take thing, and I’ve been thinking lately that maybe ours leans a little more towards the take side of things.  The environment says, “Hey Natalie, here’s wood, to build a house and to keep you warm and safe,” and I answer, “Thanks, here’s one inpatient that I planted in my back yard.”  And then the environment is like, “here’s all the food you need to grow strong and here’s a world to play in and pretty things to look at,” and then I say, “Wow, cool! Here’s CO2 fumes and a plastic bottle!”  It’s not like I’m some kind of eco-terrorist or anything, in fact, I’m an avid recycler and I always turn off the sink when I brush my teeth.  But there are still just those little things: small conveniences that we’re all guilty of.

So that’s why I decided to take the Five Bamboo Challenge.  I’m going to pick one Five Bamboo item (the mini-skirt) and wear it five different ways on five different days.  And on those days I will be challenging myself to live more efficiently and cut out of my life the things that I can that harm the environment.  I’ll be blogging here so that you can track my progress.  Let the challenge begin!

Day One: Getting to Know Each Other
My first experience with the Mini Skirt was a good one. We seem to be getting along well, aside from a little mishap involving the cherry falling out of my Roy Rogers. I had an event to go to at the Tacoma Art Museum, so I dressed up the skirt with a black tank top, a sequined sweater, and gold heals. The night included a lot of standing, and I learned that the skirt is comfortable and the heels are not.

As for the environmental side of the challenge, things did not go nearly as well. I had my first one-on-one encounter with the public transportation system in an attempt to save gas on my long Lakewood to Seattle commute.  The trip ended with a police report and a restraining order after a crazy man at the Tacoma Station threatened to kill me. Talk about a bad first impression! But fear not, I will not be discouraged. I won’t judge the entire transit system by one man, so it’s back on the bus for me this afternoon: Take two!

- Natalie

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2 Responses to Five Days of Five Bamboo: My Personal Challenge of Style & Sustainability

  1. Mary Pascoe says:

    You go Natalie!

  2. Diane Deitz says:

    Way to go Natalie…..I’m so impressed. Keep it up, you are setting a great example for us all!

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